Byond28 Confinement Care

Cheras, Selangor

Confinement Style Modern & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Spoken Language Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Established 2020

Byond28 Confinement Care is the perfect getaway for mothers to recuperate and learn how to begin their journey towards motherhood. Byond28 expects to raise the standards of modern confinement – extending our services to beyond the standard 28-days of confinement.  Our responsibility is to ensure mothers can sit-back, relax and enjoy their confinement period. Let Byond28 join you on your journey through parenthood.  Redefine confinement with Byond28.

Byond28是一个让妈咪休养和开始学习如何为人母亲的陪月中心。 Byond28希望提高现代坐月子的标准将我们的服务延展到超越标准28天的坐月子。我们的责任就是确保妈咪可以休息和享受这段日子。此月子旅程,你可以放心的交给我们Byond28让我们与你一起重新重整坐月子的定义。

What's included
Complimentary Companion Stay Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga In-House Laundry In-House Kitchen
Our Safety & Security

Standalone Building – Non-sharing facilities can reduce the risk of any external factors negatively impacting your safety, security, peace, and environment.

  • Privateentrance, emergency staircases, lift, lobby
  • In-housekitchen, laundry

Baby Room located on the ground floor

  • Equipped with direct emergency exit
  • Hospital-grade baby trolleys
  • Double-layered facial recognition security into the baby room

24-hour Security Surveillance and CCTV

  • Accompanied by 24-hour security staff on site


Our Mother Care

Exclusive Breastfeeding Support – Inclusive of breastfeeding education, guidance, and support

  • Daily wellbeing check-ups from nurses
  • Antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding classes

Extensive Education Program Ensuring mommies are ready before they return home

  • Baby care classes
  • Mother care classes

All Rooms with Windows or Balconies that open – Enhancing emotional and psychological wellbeing


Our Baby Care
  • Weekly Visit by Paediatric Specialist from Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras
  • 24-hour KKM Certified Nurse Care
  • Professional and experienced full-time nursing care
  • SeparatePreparation Room, Isolation Room, Observation Room
  • 1-1 Camera View

Baby Room

  • SeparatePreparation Room, Isolation Room, Observation Room
  • 1-1 Camera View


28 Days of Nutritional Meals

Five Meals a Day

  • Menu includes a wide variety of dishes
  • Freshly made and served daily

28 Days of Free-flow Herbal Tea

  • Self-serving unlimited supply of six different varieties on rotation

28 Day SWS double-boiled Herbal Tonic Soup

  • Tailored to week-by-week postnatal recovery stages
  • Detoxification, Recovery, Supplementation

In-house Prepared Supplemental Food

  • Lactation boosting drinks and cookies
  • Bird’s Nest
  • Drip Chicken Essence


Our Facilities

Standard Room Amenities

  • Private attached bathroom
  • King-sized bed
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Personal air-conditioning
  • Minimum 50” TV and TV Box

In-house Facilities

  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Massage Room
  • Yoga Room
  • Hair Salon
  • Exclusive Living Area & Pantry
  • Easy Parking access


Wellness Services
  • Antenatal & Postnatal Massage by Traditional Bidan Urut
  • Manual Therapy by Occupational Therapist
  • Antenatal & Postnatal Yoga by Certified Instructor
  • Hair Spa Service
  • Full Moon Baby Hair Shaving
  • Mother & Father Hair Cuts


  • 非共享的设备可减少外界所带来的风险,从而影响室内的安危和打破环境的宁静
  • 非共享【入口、紧急楼梯、电梯、走廊】
  • In-House【厨房、洗衣房】
  • 直接连接紧急出口
  • 医院级别的婴儿推车
  • 双层脸部识别的保安设备
  • 陪同24小时的保安人员


  • 包含母乳喂养的课程,指导和支持
  • 每天的护理检查
  • 产前和产后的母乳课程
  • 确保妈咪学会了才回家
  • 各种宝宝的护理课程
  • 各种妈咪的护理课程
  • 确保有新鲜空气和阳光的照射
  • 增加心理和身理健康


  • 每个星期儿科医生的探访(来自Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras)
  • 24小时拥有卫生局认证的护理团队
  • 专业且服用经验的全职护理团队
  • 通过针筒喂食的方式喂宝宝
  • 独立的【准备室,隔离室,观察室】
  • 提供1对1宝宝闭路电视


  • 1日5餐 – 膳食菜单包含各种各样的菜肴
  • 每天新鲜煮,新鲜提供
  • 自助模式,总共有6种月子茶轮流供应
  • 每周不一样功效的配方
  • 排、修、补
  • 催奶饮料和曲奇饼
  • 燕窝
  • 滴鸡精


  • 私人的浴室
  • 特大号的床
  • 每天的清洁服务
  • 私人的冷气
  • 至少50寸的电视机和TV Box
  • 厨房
  • 洗衣房
  • 按摩室
  • 瑜伽室
  • 洗发室
  • 聚会区和茶水间
  • 很多泊车空位


  • 产前和产后的按摩(马来式传统)
  • 手法治疗安某 (职业治疗师)
  • 产前和产后的瑜伽(拥有认证的瑜伽老师教导)
  • 洗头服务
  • 满月宝宝剃头
  • 爸爸和妈妈

Byond28 Confinement Care

No.3, Jalan Pelandok, Taman Orkid,

43200 Cheras,

Selangor, Malaysia.