Divine Post Partum Care

Greenlane, Pulau Penang

Confinement Style Modern Science Confinement 科学月子
Spoken Language Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien
Established 2020

Divine Postpartum Care specializes in providing professional and quality postpartum support and care to new mothers and their bundles of joy. Our team of experts seeks to combine the best of modern medical science and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices to provide new mothers with all-rounded holistic and balanced care.

[Divine 坐好月 产后护理中心] 专门为新手妈妈和宝宝提供 专业,优质的产后护理。由来至不同领域的专家团队力求将 现代医学和传统中医 最佳实践相结合 为妈妈提供全面的 科学产后护理 – 科学坐月。

We understand that having a baby is a life-changing experience filled with emotions, and that journey is different for everyone. Hence, we aim to provide a private sanctuary for mothers to recover while bond with their little ones, and to provide a safe space to talk about a range of postpartum topics and ultimately equip them with the knowledge and skills to navigate through this exciting experience.

从怀孕到生产对爸爸妈妈都是充满欢乐和改变人生的经历,将面对的情况也会因人而异。而我们的目标是提供一个即安心又舒適的庇护所,好让妈妈在康复的路上 能够与自己的宝宝促進感情。同时 给予妈妈 专业的护理,全面的支持,并提供母婴知识和技能,好让妈妈们轻松的迎接幸福的人生新階段。

What's included
Stay In Only 28 Days (Extendable*) Laundry Confinement Meal Postnatal Massage

Divine Post Partum Care

46, Lorong Gangsa, Greenlane, 11600 Pulau Pinang.