The Moment Postnatal Care 怡俪轩产后护理中心

Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Confinement Style Modern & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Spoken Language Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Bahasa Malaysia
Established 2019

The Moment Postnatal Care Center was established on 18/10/2018. Since the founders wanted to let the mothers staying in the carefree period, they took all the central procedures and renovations in about half a year. Finally, a grand opening ceremony was held on 02/06/2019 to officially receive the moms and the babies. In fact, the ultimate goal of the founder’s is to provide welfare to all the women. The founder hope that the moms who come to the center can adjust their health with peace of mind and even give the baby care to the caring nursing staff without worry. What the founder wants to see most is that mother and baby go home with confidence and health.


To Let mothers and babies go home with confidence and healthy


To train more professional care and talents, systematize them and spread them to every corner that needs us.






What's included
Stay In Only 28 Days (Extendable*) Laundry Confinement Meal Postnatal Massage

Postnatal care is a golden period for a woman to regulate their body, it can even make a woman reborn. Therefore, the founders urged women to take good care of themselves during the confinement period. This is the purpose of The Moment Postnatal Care Center to bring TCM Gynecology into the center so that we could monitor a mother’s health condition and customize TCM for all mummies. All mummies and babies are always unique to us.

Environment is very important for a mother to have their confinement, therefore the comfort and the spacious space of centre make the guests feeling like home, and it’s in the safe area, and there’s fresh air at night. You can even feel the feeling of being in the nature that cause rest completely without worry.

The responsible person will be at the 24-hour care center to prevent the moms from finding the person in charge when they need assistance. Why is the baby room concentrated in downstairs? Because the founder thinks that when the center encounters a disaster, the baby can’t help themselves, so the founder insists on putting the baby downstairs to avoid any accidents and can take the baby away from the center in the first time.

  1. Private Elevator – Allows mothers and babies to prevent the risk of going up and down the stairs
  2. There is a perfect fireproof walkway – The guest can escape through the second passage in the first time when there’s emergency.
  3. Each room has its own Coby UV sterilizer
  4. Each room has its own air purifier
  5. Sharing session – for example: Newborn care, makeup, moms experience sharing etc…
  6. 24-hour CCTV
  7. WIFI
  1. TCM Gynecology, targeted mommy constitution conditioning
  2. General doctor visit
  3. Postpartum massage and uterine care
  4. 24-hour baby care
  5. Confinement meal delivery
  6. Jaundice Checking

In addition, the founder will help the mothers to calculate the baby’s life code, so that parents have a certain understanding of the baby’s character.




  1. 私人电梯 – 让妈妈以及宝宝能预防上下楼梯的风险
  2. 有完善的防火走道,在妈妈遇到危险或中心遇到火灾的时候,可第一时间通过第二通道逃生。
  3. 每间房都拥有自己的Coby UV 消毒器
  4. 每间房都拥有自己的空气净化机
  5. 分享会 – 例如:新生儿护理、化妆、妈咪们经验分享等等。。。
  6. 24小时CCTV
  7. WIFI
  1. 中医师把脉,针对性妈咪体质调理
  2. 西医师看诊
  3. 产后按摩以及子宫护理
  4. 24小时宝宝看护
  5. 月子餐外送
  6. 宝宝黄疸指数检测


The Moment Postnatal Care 怡俪轩产后护理中心

2 Jalan Shahbandar 10/6, Seksyen 6,

Bandar Mahkota Cheras,

43200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.