Joyous Confinement Care Centre 添喜产后护理中心

Kuala Lumpur

Confinement Style Modern & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Spoken Language Mandarin, English, Hakka
Established 2018

During Postnatal and confinement period, mothers need a conducive environment to recuperate their body. Joyous Confinement Care Center provide care to mother and the baby.

Joyous Confinement Care Centre holds the concept of ” We care, in every detail from the start to ensure mother that inspires an healthy lifestyle, to have a professional quality service, providing a comfortable environment and creating a warmth family surrounding, so as to ensure these mothers will get through the most important period of their life. ”

“We are glad to have Michelle as our HypnoBirthing practitioner. Without her, we wouldn’t have such a memorable childbirth. She is really a nice, friendly, generous person who shares with us the knowledge of HypnoBirthing, breastfeeding, baby massage, baby care, nutrition foods and etc. I was calm and positive throughout it all and I feel the classes were very helpful, especially in dealing with the anxiety and preparing me mentally for the whole experience.





What's included
Stay In Only 28 Days (Extendable*) Laundry Confinement Meal Postnatal Massage

7-day, 14-day, 21-day & 40-day package are also available.

For Mummy:
  • 3 Main Meals, 1 Snack, 1 Tonic Soup for Supper
  • Herbs for Bath (28 days)
  • Freeflow red date, black date or ginger tea
  • Beast feeding consultation & support
  • Mommy health monitor by nurse
For Baby:
  • Baby herbs for bath (28 days)
  • Baby Necessities (clothing, pampers, wet tissue & Buds Organics Care Product)
  • Daily baby massage (Organic virgin coconut oil)
Package included:
  • Provide air purifier, air cond & water heater
  • High speed Wifi
  • Daily laundry, room & bathroom cleaning service
  • Comfortable baby cot
  • Baby room 24 hours CCTV monitoring
  • 24 hours nursing care
  • Records of baby weight, output, milk intake
  • Weekly monitor by nurse
  • Provide teaching DIY Breast Milk soap


  • 专业坐月膳食与药膳汤(3次主餐,1次下午茶和宵夜是药膳汤)
  • 产后沐浴药澡(28天)
  • 无限量提供红枣茶、黑枣茶或姜母茶饮
  • 提倡母乳喂养知识和辅助
  • 护士探视与监控妈妈健康状况
  • 宝宝沐浴药澡(28天)
  • 宝宝日常用品
  • 提供宝宝护理按摩(使用有机椰子油)
  • 附有负离子空气净化器、空调、热水器
  • 无限上网
  • 提供衣物、房间、卫生间清理服务
  • 特质安全舒适婴儿床预防宝宝溢奶
  • 婴儿房24小时监控服务
  • 全天候宝宝看护服务
  • 测量宝宝体温、体重、排便次数与进食记录
  • 护士探视与监控宝宝健康状况
  • 母乳皂教学

Joyous Confinement Care Centre 添喜产后护理中心

No. 8, Jalan 7/153A, Taman Angkasa Puchong,

58300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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