Sisters Postnatal Care Center 姐妹坐月中心

Ipoh, Perak

Confinement Style Modern & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Spoken Language Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Established 2014
Speciality Encourage breastfeeding, Experience in cooking variety of foods, Experience with Twin or Triplet,Gives advice and share experience, Modern Style, Prepare healthy foods

Sisters has been operating in Ipoh for 4 years and has served more than 350 mothers and babies. The centre operates on 3 core principles:

  • To provide round-the-clock service
  • To provide high quality nutritious confinement and conditioning meals.
  • To provide the best lactation knowledge and assistance to mothers.
Vision & Future Plans

To continue to provide the best possible service so that mummy and baby have a worry-free rest and recuperation period.

Sisters Postnatal Care Center takes care of women right after childbirth. The duration of care is one month. During this period, we help women to restore their health and beauty. Both newborn baby and mother simultaneously joins our center. We take care of the newborn baby so she/he get ample of feeding and rest to grow properly.  We also provide take care of mothers by providing ancient chinese herbal diet which is condusive for health restoration after birth.  Study shows chinese herbal diet provides long term beauty and health restoration during this critical month.  We are committed to mothers and babies to provide the best care and treatment at our center. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


(一) 为妈咪和宝宝提供全天候的照顾与服务。

(二) 为妈咪提供优质的营养月子餐,让她们可以健康调理身体。

(三) 为哺乳的妈咪提供正确的哺乳知识与协助,让宝宝获得足够的营养,健康成长。



What's included
Stay In Only 28 Days (Extendable*) Laundry Confinement Meal Postnatal Massage

We are one of the best women postnatal care center in Malaysia. Our Sisters Postnatal Care Center is centrally located in the city of Ipoh.  We take care of mothers and babies right after birth for a month.  The right type of food to restore health for mothers is utmost important in our facility.  We have special Chinese  herbal recipe to mothers to ensure they are well nourished to replenish health after birth.  We also ensure mothers who choose to breast-feed babies to be able to lactate appropriately.  We place these as our mission.  Your care at our center is our utmost importance.  Customer satisfaction is our charter.  We encourage you to write a message to us.


The centre’s founder lives in the premises, providing round-the-clock care and support.

  • Confinement meals focus on different body conditioning purposes each week
  • Encourage breastfeeding
  • A dedicated team of professional postnatal specialists are at hand to assist
  • A comfortable home-like environment
  • To provide the best service so that mothers can rest without any worries.

为了提供24小时全天候服务,创办人Kong Wai Ling就住在月子中心里,随时为妈咪和宝宝解决任何问题,给予爱心服务与支持。

  • 月子餐着重于排(1周)、润(2周)、调(3周)、补(4周)
  • 着重于哺乳,确保妈咪能够自信、开心、成功地哺乳
  • 亲切随和的专业产后护理专员团队随时提供援助
  • 干净宽敞的环境提供“家”的舒适感觉
  • 提供最佳顾客服务,让妈咪宝宝度过愉快的月子期

Sisters Postnatal Care Center 姐妹坐月中心

No. 5, Laluan Pasir Puteh 16, Taman Delima Shatin,

31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


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